Typesetter Position[OPEN]

The requirements to be a typesetter are:

Have Photoshop or a software similar to Photoshop like Gimp
Know about some fonts(optional)

And if you meet the requirements then take this test: Cleaned Page, Text

When you are done with the test email it to jotaku900@gmail.com

Link for font info

Current Typesetters:

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Jose Alberto Rodriguez,
    I am the typesetter, cleaner, proofreader, really everything other than translator for MK42Dragon Scanlations. I have always been a big fan of Kampfer, my group was gonna pick it up but we couldn't find the raws for it. I am thankful for you guys doing what you do.

    I have a proposition for you all.
    I read ch34, and found some text awkward and other text unreadable.
    My group does the translations for Servant X Service, if you want a reference, but if you would like, I could help out with the typesetting, maybe a bit of rewording here and there too.
    I actually have spare time on my hands because the amount of pages per chapter in SxS has pretty much halved, plus my translator is the slow one. (don't tell him I said that)
    Please talk this over with your group and decide.

    Jose Alberto Rodriguez (MK42Dragon)
    MK42Dragon Scanlations

    P.S. If you want I could do the same to any other projects you are working on, too.