Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kampfer Chapter 36

Chapter 36 of Kampfer

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  1. where is the text of page kaemp_07_0089 and page kaemp_07_0093

  2. Thanks for the update, you guys are great. By the way, there is some missing text on page 10 and 14

  3. Hey, are you still active? Also, are you going to fix that missing text on those pages mentioned above? Thanks for releases and hope you're going to continue.

  4. I hope you guys are still alive, I need to see the end to this manga T-T

    good work up till now

  5. Hey yall...
    Night the TSer is here.. I sent an email to the head honcho a while ago and i haven't gotten anything back.... If any group is gonna pick this up, notify me... I've followed 13th hour scans and now ecchi baka scans with Kampfer... I would like to continue to work on this series!

  6. Hey yall... again...

    I've actually gathered a translator and a proofreader for Kampfer! So far we will be working together as a no group thing. :) We've been releasing chapters, hope yall are getting notified!