Quality Checker Position[OPEN]

To be a quality checker you must:

Have a grasp of the English language
Be able to spot mistakes like un-centered bubbles, grammar mistakes, and any stray marks on the page
Photoshop knowledge

You will have to take both the typesetter and cleaner test:Typesetter & Cleaner
When you finish them both email them to jotaku900@gmail.com

Good luck

Current Quality Checker


  1. I might try this in a couple of days. If I do get the position will I have a say on which manga to add to the groups work?

    1. Yes but do it either tomorrow or in two days or you won't get a say. Because currently we are deciding the next project.

  2. Hi, I'm sorry to report both links are down (for me at least), I'd really like to take the tests :)